For Our Carrier Clients:

Many of Bill Hay International’s customers are actually U.S. and Canadian trucking companies. We provide them drayage for their equipment into and out of Mexico at all the major gateways to border or interior destinations. Whether you need to cross vans, flat beds, reefer trailers, or specialized equipment, we have the capability to meet your needs.

Every carrier that has contemplated letting their equipment cross the border has heard the horror stories: lost equipment, new tires swapped with old, parts broken or missing, and worse. This could happen if you do not know who is pulling your trailer. By teaming up with Bill Hay International, you not only put our experience and reputation to work for you, but you can have peace of mind that your equipment is insured and protected while in Mexico.

Bill Hay International also offers the following services to carriers along the U.S./Mexican border:

           Freight transloading and Storage.
           Equipment Inspection.
           Trailer Tracking, and Secure Drop Yards.

Let us be “Your Mexican Connection” for all your needs south of the border.